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Gaston Navarro
Economist - Federal Reserve Board


CV Miscellany

Working Papers:

        with Axelle Ferriere [draft, March 2018][slides]

       with Julio Blanco  [draft, March 2017] [slides]

       with Matteo Iacoviello [draft, November 2017][slides]

        [draft, January 2015][slides] 

        with Joao Ayres, Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles [draft, May 2015] [slides]  


         with Francisco Buera and Juan Pablo Nicolini

Latin American Journal of Economics 2011, Vol 48: 133-156.

Work in Progress:
  • The Evolution of Tax Progressivity in the United States

        with Daniel Feenberg and Axelle Ferriere 

Latest update: 09/20/2017